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LL - A Fruit Gone Bread LL - A Fruit Gone Bread

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Lovely for a movie made in one day. To bad procrastination got the best of you once again. Sure was a swell Lock Day though!

Clock Suckers Episode 1 Clock Suckers Episode 1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

More Variety

Those 3 main characters are way too similar. You had a great variety in College University, you need to get back to that. All three act pretty much the same, like the same things, etc. Worst of all, all three are pretty intelligent.

So in summary, please finish episode 11 of CU.


Stupid Kid with Acnesss 5 Stupid Kid with Acnesss 5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I must say

Good job. The ending was genius, plus Proactiv's run on sentence made me feel all warm inside.

Long live the Stupid Kid with Acnesss!

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Resident Pico Resident Pico

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is awesome

What a great game. I just watched MindChamber's "Pico's Unloaded," and then I am lucky enough to play this game. Great graphics, combat is superb, and it's also incredibly fun. Great job to the both of you!

Shaft - by VENGEANCE Shaft - by VENGEANCE

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Decent game

Though it seems to just go on endlessly. I played about a minute and then got bored. I don't like games that get boring before I die/change levels/do something. Wouldn't play this game again, however if you made a new version I would try it. Make the screen longer, add levels, speed up the motion, give options to play in easy/medium/hard, i dunno, do something and it would be a ok game to play when ya got nothin better ta do.

Patch-co MiniGolf! Patch-co MiniGolf!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fun Game

I played around till hole 12 before I decided to do something else. Pretty fun game, though it bugs me when a slow ball goes directly over the whole and doesn't drop in. I'm not a flash expert, but is there anyway you could make a slow shot that hits the hole drop in the hole? Also, it seemed there was like an invisible wall or something on I think hole 7. Anyway pretty good game.


Patchco responds:

Thank you. I'll try to fix those.

Recent Audio Reviews

I Will Survive (Black Plague) I Will Survive (Black Plague)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty Good

I loved the guitar. I hated your singing. The lyrics were decent.

Also, you should have sung the song with more passion. Your parodying a fun upbeat song, your singing it like your dead. Haha, get it :P

Also, you don't have to submit the first version you do. You messed up the lyrics and kinda paused a couple times.


YellowMailman responds:

Thanks, I appreciate your creative criticism.

Last Minute I Miss You Last Minute I Miss You

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved it

As of right now this is my second favorite song on Newgrounds (Future President by FireTruckRob is my favorite) not made by me or my cousins. I agree with the first post, I don't know if you even really needed 2 singers through the verses, and you can't really harmonize. The chorus is great though.


sandman0277 responds:

As I said before, it sounded to bland and plain with one singer. I'm glad you really like it ^_^

Aberrant Aberrant

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I'm not trying to make any enemies or anything, but I gotta be honest, I agree with the first 2 reviews. The first time I couldn't tell what you were saying. Just now I could finally understand the chourus because you posted the lyrics. If you'd turn up the volume on the vocals at a couple points I'd give your song a 9. I can't give it a 10 beacause I don't know what "Aberrant" means, and I can't give a 10 to any song based on a word I've never heard of.

One more thing, I don't know if it's you or not, and sorry if it's not. Though someones been voting down a lot of good songs recently. Though I noticed your song got rated up by like .30 while all these other good songs were getting voted down. Noones going to go to general rock if the best songs in the section are getting 0's so someone else can move their song up an extra place. Again sorry if it's not you, just seems kind of suspicious.

BTW, just fyi, I voted either 2 or 3 for you a couple days ago for ratings, can't remember which. I listen to every song before I vote, I only give 4s or 5s to great stuff I'd listen to again (or pretty good stuff that has a unfairly low rating), 0s and 1s for stuff made on a comp or no effort, others I vote are 2s or 3s.


torq responds:

Well thank you for the lengthy review! Apparently I have a huge problem with enunciation (probably due to the slight lisp I have) and I know that I need to write less vague lyrics. About the definition of the word abberant - I expected that few would know what it means, it was suggested to me by my drummer, and as a precaution I included the definition as the description of the song. As for the voting, I have to say that I am guilty of spamming just about everyone I know with the link to the audio page, and I can't accept responsibility for what anyone else does, but I will tell people in the future not to unfairly skew the voting here... I'm not looking to make any enemies either, just trying to get comments/suggestions on my hard work. Thanks!